Having choices in our lives

Yukie Hosoda LSE


Putting myself in a new environment always gives me an opportunity to reflect myself. Spending time in India is definitely one of them. The most shocking sight for me in India is seeing children who were begging on a street and daughters of farmers who helped his father under the strong sun all day. When I looked them in the eyes, they seemed to be slightly desperate to me.

When I went to a village called Poshitra to interview farmers, he introduced his daughters to us. I saw her hairs and eyes which got heavily sunburned through working under a strong sunlight. I shook her hands which were rough and thick from engaging in agriculture. I was too shocked with our different environments to ask any question to her. Seriously, I didn’t know what to ask.

On the other day when I was invited to one of TCSRD volunteers’ house, I met her son, who speaks perfect English, who is brilliant, talented with dancing and singing and has an expected future by her parents. After that I had no choice but to feel that environment we grow up such as parents’ financial situation and their awareness of education strongly influences their children’s future. Even though I have known this fact, seeing this difference in real struck the importance of raising awareness of education for their children.

When I reflect my life until now, first I want to appreciate my parents for having given and respected choices in my life in most cases. Secondly, a question occurred to me that whether I have taken advantages of these opportunities I would have. My answer is ‘Yes’, however, I admit that I sometimes feel scared to challenge myself to take an opportunity. It is because starting new thing means challenging our own limit, which sometimes brings about some difficulties. Actually some say that having choices don’t necessarily make people happier.

However, after having seen children who had no choice but to live under some constraints, which tend to be hard to change it by themselves, it is obvious for me that having choices is more fortunate than having no choices. In addition, risks and difficulties coming from challenging ourselves tend to be still better than doing nothing because we can learn from these. Therefore, in facing these situations in the future, I’d like to remind myself of what I have seen and felt here.