People of Jamshedpur

An NguyenLSE


Dear diary,

You would not believe from which place I am writing to you at the present. Yes! I am in India now. Ever since I chose to take Indian history for A-levels 4 years back in time, you also know that the country has struck me like a million lightning with its beauty. And now, my Indian dream has been finally realised, thanks to a social internship with Tata Business Excellence Group.

Life has felt so rich and full over the past four weeks here, in Jamshedpur. As part of my research project, I made my way to visit some local schools, and their students to study their practices on ‘safety’. On one such visit, I was nearly brought to tears, when a ten-year-old boy with mental difficulties came to me and confided in me that he always feels empowered to achieve his ultimate goals so that his trajectory could inspire other fellows to follow his example. My trip to a local Water Treatment Plant was just equally enlightening as I came to witness, and understand the hard work of all humble workers who have been toiling around the clock to ensure the best water quality possible for the local community. And, on a visit to the Centre for Excellence, I was simply taken aback when coming to learn about a man called J N Tata and his vision of turning Jamshedpur, a sheer swamp area in the early 1900s into a green, and lively city as it is today. At first, given my special love for India, I did not expect one traveling experience could change one person's life perspective forever. And diary, I have to admit, I was wrong. It is Jamshedpur that has changed me for once. Every day felt full of inspiration and of learning that give life meaning, and suddenly now I know what I want. One day, I can happen to become a student with learning challenges, a blue-collar worker, or a philanthropist businesswoman, who knows what it might hold? Regardless of the unpredictables, these people of Jamshedpur and their inspirational stories have immensely consolidated my belief in the future path that I should head down on. By now I already felt the calling to give back, to think of pursuing something that is beyond one’s self, a greater cause, and a social responsibility perhaps.