About the Tata Social Internship

Tata Social Internship

Tata Social Internship is a unique two-month experiential internship for students from the world's leading universities in the sustainability projects of Tata companies in India.

The Tata Social Internship program provides students with a grass-roots level exposure to the real India and its culture while bringing international perspectives to the company projects, thus helping promote international understanding.

Tata Social Internship was launched in the summer of 2008. The program is currently offered with following universities:

University of Cambridge (UK)

University of California, Berkeley (USA)

University of California, Davis (USA)

University of California, Santa Cruz (USA)

London School of Economics (UK)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

King’s College London (UK)

Students from these universities from a rich variety of academic disciplines are eligible to participate in the ongoing developmental projects of Tata companies.

A very vital part of the internship is the challenge that is a part and parcel of working in the vastly different environment of developmental initiatives in India. Tata Social Internship interns in the past have coped bravely with the handicaps of language and the monsoon; and addressed with sensitivity the cultural mores that are strange to them. In hindsight, these internships have often been enriching and helped most interns gain a more empathetic and complete world view.