Pre-Internship Preparation

Tata Social Internship interns research the topic of their project before their arrival in India, to make best use of the college resources available to them.

The interns undergo a formal orientation at the universities in preparation for the internship. This would include fulfilling special academic requirements (like India specific courses, conversational Hindi language courses, learning Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques, or could be taking a developmental studies related minor at the university, etc)


Successful xapplicants will join a Tata Social Internship project in India at one of the Tata companies during the Universities’ summer break for a period of eight weeks.

Post Internship

At the conclusion of the project the Interns submit their documentation of the project, make presentations in seminars at the companies, Tata headquarters and at the Universities.

The intern and his/her work is formally appraised and he or she also provides formal feedback on their overall experience.

After completing their internships Tata Social Internship interns become Tata Social Internship alumni.